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   Delesher Company offers services in consulting, designing, and manufacturing, delivery and installation of timber roof truss systems of laminated veneer lumber. We make professional calculation of your building roof truss system considering particular type of the roof, span length, planned ramp angle and other features and preferences.

Benefits of LVL roof truss system

  • Ease of installation roof truss system made of laminated veneer lumber – all cutups, layouts and technological holes for fasteners and proper joints are made by factory high-tech equipment;
  • Possibility to implement multiple architectural forms and solutions;
  • High strength and durability compared with solid wood blocks;
  • Uniformity, stability and relative lightness of the material; - Moisture and temperature resistance;
  • Can be used in any any environment; - High deformation and load resistance;
  • No cracks;
  • No waste during our roof truss system installation.

Pilot project of the roof truss system made of laminated veneer lumber has been implemented and successfully operated by Delesher Company CEO on his own house. - manufacturer stairs

and doors. Ukraine, Vinnitsa

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